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Weekly Music: September Mix

I heard my last mix was a little too chill, so I tried to make this guy a little more upbeat, particularly if you're in need of something good for the three-day weekend if you're here in the states. I've been moving to not just solely focus on new music on my mixes, but also what just sounds good at the time, or older things I discover as well. Ok, listen here on Spotify!

1. Is This What You Wanted Leonard Cohen
2. Dynamite The Roots
3. Slumlord Neon Indian
4. The Lottery The Stepkids
5. Anxious In Venice Superhumanoids
6. Cold Slope Wilco
7. Another One Mac Demarco
8. Born In The Echoes The Chemical Brothers ft. Cate Le Bon
9. Summertime Vince Staples
10. Treat Me Like Fire Lion Babe
11. There Can Be Only One Cass McCombs
12. Snow In Newark Ryan Hemsworth, Dawn Golden
13. Unstoppable Lianne La Havas
14. Too High Stevie Wonder
15. No Sass Photay


Weekly Music

Listening to all the Ane Brun songs I can get my paws on this morning. Somehow I've never heard of this Norwegian goddess before. The video for "Directions" is giving me major Robyn vibes ala "Call Your Girlfriend". Spotify doesn't have all her albums but I love the Sketches album, which appears to be super stripped down folk versions of her songs. Stripped down version of the first video below. Even more haunting.

Weekly Music

I love this Chemical Brothers song "Born In The Echoes" off their new album of the same name, featuring Cate Le Bon. I'm not super crazy about the whole album, it's a little intense and perhaps the one whirl I gave it while working wasn't the best setting, but I LOVE this song.

Also, for those of you who use Spotify, have you listened to the Discover Weekly playlist they give you every week? A lot of people haven't even noticed it there, but it's a new feature that hangs out at the top of your playlists: a playlist generated with songs you may like based on what you listen to. It's like iTune's old genius feature. If you share your account with someone else or play a lot of crowd pleasers around other people it may not be full of total gems, but even though I share my account with Will - who sometimes plays rap and metal at work I'd never listen to - I still found a lot of great stuff I'd never heard before. Give a go!

Weekly Music

A few new good songs to send you into the weekend!

Mac Demarco - "Another One" (yes, this is the weirdest music video you'll see in a while). Gives me major Cass McCombs vibes and I ain't mad.

Superhumanoids "Anxious in Venice". I'd really like to be somewhere dancing and for this song to come on. 

Wilco "Cold Slope". Still determining my favorite song on the new album, but this is for sure up there.

Have a great weekend! If you're in a fellow part of the world burning hot, well, stay cool.

Weekly Music: July Mix

I took a little break from really hunting down new things to listen to, but summer always leads to an increase in music in my life, so I'm back at it! Planning for a mix every other month going forward. I actually made a mix in between blogs called May that you can find here. I'll be putting a page with all my music mixes on it soon, but for now you can find most of them on my Spotify account. 

So, July! A mix of new , not so new and older goodies. Listen on Spotify below or here.

The Cure Close To Me
LA Priest Oino 
Nina Simone Funkier Than A Mosquitos' Tweeter (Jazeem's All Styles Remix)
The Bird and the Bee Los Angeles
Janet Jackson No Sleeep
D'Angelo Back to the Future (pt 1)
Twin Danger Pointless Satisfaction
Moses Sumney Seeds
Solal I Lost Him ft Melonie Cannon
Other Lives Reconfiguration
Ibeyi River
The Smoking Trees Trips
Beach House Sparks