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Vintage Levi's

A ways back when boyfriend jeans starting becoming popular, I said a little prayer to the denim gods asking for this to mean skinny jeans would be phased out. I mean, we had a long and mostly beautiful love affair, but I'm ready to that to be over. They suffocate your crotch and make me feel less than great about my body shape. I still own a couple pairs that are high waisted and/or black super stretchy ones (so, more comfortable), but for the most part I have started really phasing them out. I'm entering into a period of fashion where I've shifted my focus to clothing that is either A. comfortable or B. interesting shapes or better yet, C. both. My 30s are good to me like that. 

I recently became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of vintage Levi's, and was successful finally in scoring a great pair of perfectly broken in 505's that I hemmed myself (thank you, helpful Youtube tutorial). While a pair of relaxed jeans rolled up at the hem is tried and true, I think hemming them a few inches above the ankle is really interesting, so I gave it a shot. I'm really into them and get stopped and asked about them all the time. Best $15 and 1 hour of my time ever spent. My lower half thanks me.

(I found my pair at Iguana, my sandals are Madewell, shirt is Alternative Apparel that I cut a few inches off, necklace is mine (coming soon!), nail polish is Essie. June's cuuuuute bandana is Big Cartel!)

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