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Weekly Music

I love this Chemical Brothers song "Born In The Echoes" off their new album of the same name, featuring Cate Le Bon. I'm not super crazy about the whole album, it's a little intense and perhaps the one whirl I gave it while working wasn't the best setting, but I LOVE this song.

Also, for those of you who use Spotify, have you listened to the Discover Weekly playlist they give you every week? A lot of people haven't even noticed it there, but it's a new feature that hangs out at the top of your playlists: a playlist generated with songs you may like based on what you listen to. It's like iTune's old genius feature. If you share your account with someone else or play a lot of crowd pleasers around other people it may not be full of total gems, but even though I share my account with Will - who sometimes plays rap and metal at work I'd never listen to - I still found a lot of great stuff I'd never heard before. Give a go!