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I thought I'd revive my beauty series from For Me, For You but do it a little differently this time over here. A mix of products I'm into, and also little tricks and techniques. In this post I refer to products I usually buy at either a drug store or Sephora, but am linking largely to Amazon to make things easier since we all have different drug stores we use. 

Ok! So my first trick, pictured above is something I've been doing lately when my nails are looking really short and not so great. I've been working on a project at work that has kept me super busy and stressed, which is always the time I fall back into the habit of biting my nails. The only thing that keeps me from biting them when I'm stressed is having them painted, but when they're in rough shape nail polish looks bad. I normally paint them with a beigey-nude color in times like this, but I've discovered that topping the color off with a matte top coat gives them this very even look - basically like you're not even wearing nail polish, but camouflages uneven length and brittle surfaces. I start with a base coat of Sally Hansen Complete Care, which I've found to be the best base coat to help your nails grow faster and stronger I've used so far, then I paint two coats of OPI Samoan Sand - my very favorite "nude" (sorry I hate that term as it's nude on me, but maybe not on your skin - but it's a bit more pink-toned than beige), then I finish with a matte top coat. I use Formula X Mind Over Matter, but I've also heard good things about Essie's Matte About You top coat. On that note, Essie has an intriguing line of Cashmere Matte polishes I really want to try and sell out constantly!

Next I want to talk about a magical little product that will only cost you three bones. After running out of my beloved NARS eyeshadow primer during a particularly non lucrative month of my life this summer, I did a little online research and found rave reviews for e.l.f's Eye Primer & Liner Sealer. What sold me was that it's stupid cheap, has great reviews, but also comes with a fun bonus tool that is basically a felt tip liner wand with primer liquid, so that you can create eyeliner with any eyeshadow. I think the shadow primer is good - not as good as NARS and if I were say, getting photographed or getting married or something special I'd splurge for NARS, but for every day use the primer is totally fine. But the eyeliner tool is AWESOME. It's fun to try making eyeliner out of different shadow colors I have, and if you're into lining your water line (aka make your eyeballs pop out of your head when you want to look effortlessly fancy) this is great for that.

Lastly, I'd been trying to shoot a little tutorial on super easy eyeliner application after talking to a few of my friends who said they were terrified of putting it on and just avoid it altogether. My go-to method is lining my top lid right above my eyelashes with a soft pencil, and then smudging it with a smudge brush. This is awesome because you can do a terrible job with the liner and then fix it with the smudge brush (cheap version, nicer version). Lucky for me Jillian of Casually Gorgeous (excellent instagram account with no-nonsense beauty tips) made a tutorial of this exact method right while I was failing at trying to photograph myself doing it. Most often I use Smashbox Always Sharp liner, a new favorite, but this method really works with any liner besides liquid.

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