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New Skillshare Class

Excited to share my second Skillshare class made in collaboration with Big Cartel! This new one is a short and sweet guide to creating your own lookbook for your brand. I walk you through their purpose, a few different styles, and what the heck to do with them with your done. This class is free to everyone, so join right here.

I'm also super proud and humbled that our other class, Designing and Launching your own Big Cartel Shop has reached over 5,000 students! Woo! I can't say enough good things about working with Big Cartel - they are truly wonderful people and I hope to collaborate again someday.

And little side note that I will emphasis is not self hate, but plllleeease excuse my terrible posture in this video! I think it was because I was leaning against a table and that shirt creates an optical illusion as I swear I felt like I was sitting up straight. I can't help but turn into my grandma watching this yelling "sit up straight!!" HA! 

Last little side note, this class is perfect timing as my latest look book is coming at ya next week. Sneak peek on instagram here

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