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Weekly Music

There were two songs I really wanted to put on my July mix but they weren't on Spotify yet, so I'll share them here in stead! First up is a super catchy, fun song by newcomer Kiiara, a song called "Gold". I can't wait to hear an album from her!

Next is a really lovely Maximum Balloon song featuring Karen O and Tunde Adebimpe called "Let It Grow". Karen's voice sounds incredible and I love those harmonies.

Up next, the new Tame Impala album - which really snuck up on me, I forgot it was coming out this month! What a damn fine gem it is. I've only given it a few spins but I'm already in love. It's kind of incredible that Kevin Parker made the entire thing himself.

Lastly, a new Kurt Vile song from an upcoming album I'm looking forward to. A couple months ago I stood in line for tacos next to him in Atwater and silently freaked out. I wasn't totally sure it was him until I could face him and get a good sense of his uncanny similarity to Gabby Hoffman. Truth!

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